Can’t just give up smoking?
Can’t get rid of this money-wasting habit? We all hear day and night about the pernicious effect of cigarettes and nicotine itself. Have you ever tried to stop? Of course! All your unsuccessful tries are downhill, as Detoxero is here to turn your life to the better! This is a scientifically proven approach to quit the habit using motivating metrics and timers.
Are you ready to improve the quality of life?
How can Detoxero motivate you?
Your health status in real-time after smoking a single cigarette. How long does it take for different systems to recover?
Cigarette-free days and time without nicotine to view the progress and try to achieve higher results.
Wasting money on packs and start saving for the dream! You can find out the exact sum you have already saved!
Are you ready to improve the quality of life?
How does Detoxero work?
Just add all the actions related to the habit you commit during the day. For example, the number of cigarettes, resisted desire or strong will to smoke.
What did you feel at that moment? What was your mood? Sadness, irritation, anger or happiness - you can select the most matching emotion.
Add the place and other notes related to each situation to get the most accurate statistics. Were you at work or at home? What was the trigger?
Comfortable usage is one more key to success
As you have no reason to give up!
It’s really easy to start using Detoxero as we only ask you
To answer a few basic questions about your habit
The usage itself is more than simple and comfortable
No misunderstanding may take place. Everything depends on your will
If you need third-party appreciation then you can share the image
Of the result via all the popular messengers and social media!